Bed Platform

A few friends of mine have bed platforms and other forms of mobile living setups. This will be the third summer I have spent traveling, and I knew I wanted a better setup this time around. I started watching YouTube videos to see what others had done, and when I saw Kennedy Carey’s setup, I knew that was what I wanted. I was attracted to the speed, agility and gas mileage of an SUV, but with a bed and a pull out kitchen.

Trestle Creek

I arrived at Trestle Creek just as the sun was setting. I was keeping an eye out for a forest service road going off to the right, away from Lake Pend Orielle. At the first pullout to the right I saw a motorcycle with saddlebags, a campfire, and a man walking around shirtless. Something about that made me feel right at home. The next pullout spot was empty, and I took it.