Lochsa River

On the maiden voyage of my new bed platform, I decided to tour northern Idaho. I was born in Idaho, but had never been north of Riggins, at least to my memory. So this was a good opportunity to explore more and test out my setup. I went up the 95, then east on the 12. Last cell reception was Kooskia, a beautiful little town where I took a moment to have a snack and watch the river run past me.

Trestle Creek

I arrived at Trestle Creek just as the sun was setting. I was keeping an eye out for a forest service road going off to the right, away from Lake Pend Orielle. At the first pullout to the right I saw a motorcycle with saddlebags, a campfire, and a man walking around shirtless. Something about that made me feel right at home. The next pullout spot was empty, and I took it.