These are some poems that came to me, mostly in 2019. They are sutras, expressions of inner truth, my attempts to record and share experiences beyond words.

The gentle rain comes down
Dissolving all grasping at thought, at action
You stare out the window to some vast distance
Beyond where your eyes can see
Your soul becomes centered
As you gaze into eternity.

Are these tears of joy? Or pure rapture?
Past fears wash away into the darkness of yesterday.
Away, into the unknown, with bright shining eyes!

Thank you Father.
I could not see you before but you were there all along.
Guiding me steadily towards the light, until the light pours forth from me.

To share the unshareable
Who can receive?
The Earth and the Sky.

Give them all that you are
And all that you hope to be
Let your heart reach the horizon
And bathe the hilltops in gold!

When the gateway opens you will know it
You will have peace without struggle
Strength without effort
Joy without end
And you will be
The stillness at the center.

Everything dissolves
Shape comes from nothing
The universe is born.

May all hearts be pure.
May all minds be clear.
May source pour forth from everyone here.

Now imagine light emanating stright up and down through every being in the room. From the heart center the light expands outward in a horizontal disk.

The life within you sustains you
Be one
Be whole

Every thought in your head
Every drop you have bled
Unites to give you meaning

Breathe, and release
Expand, and be whole.

Though the Earth shakes and the mountains crumble
I will not be disturbed from my peace
When men look to me in fear
I will soften my gaze
To see their hearts
And let the stillness inside
Witness itself.

The egg shell cracks
A beak pokes through
Lungs fill
And the first peep is heard
Mother looks on with pride.

The storm around confuses
But the concrete leaves no bruises
And I can hardly tell
What the man inside me chooses
But I go.

I move between the falling drops
As lightning strikes the mountain tops
My mind becomes an inner shell
And just then all the chaos stops
For I know.

The storm becomes my will tonight
Chasing fear well out of sight
Leaving just the deepest well
Of untapped, inner might
Let it flow!

Light moves through water
Shimmering down through the depths
Particles reflect

Breathe of the infinite stillness
Fill my heart with your love
Teach me words of wisdom
Show me the path of ascension

I love you
Like the wind loves the waves of the sea
Caressing the surface for miles
As far as the eye can see

You ask yourself
Who am I?
And the moment you lose the answer
You are free.

I wish you the universe
I have it
Right here.

Two galaxies
Full of stars
Twinkling at each other
Twisting, twirling, dancing
And all the spaces in between.

There are no spaces
In between
They dance together
And merge as one.

Just one face
Of the multi-faceted God-truth

That is sufficient
In its own existence
Owing nothing
Radiating outwards
With piercing awareness.

Jealousy and Judgement are the twin serpent heads
Of the illusion of separation.
Marry them, and bring them into your being.
The three become one.

We are you.
There is no need to compete.
Celebrate oneness!

The gateway is unlocked
Freedom is yours!

I am the unbending truth.
I am the unbroken line.
If you would be near me,
then stand beside me,
for my path is clear.

This is the essence of pure yang. There is no need for violence. Resistance is unthinkable, unknowable. Look inside, and find this quality within your soul. It is true of your core, of your individuality, for only you can walk your path and no other.

To embrace it fully is death, for it cannot be true where your path crosses another. No one can live without compromise and harmony. But yang does not concern itself with these things.

Thus virtue is woven of many threads - not all yin, not all yang. The middle path leads to life. Discretion and wisdom lead the way.

Your soul is eternal. Nothing separates you from the infinite. Every molecule of your being is aware of this truth. Every synapse, every pulse, is a continuation of what began long ago. Extending on, into the infinite. The vastness is only a footstep away.

Do not seek for another to cure your separation from love, from healing, or from bliss. Feel these within you now and in every moment. Let nothing separate your soul from its heritage. Seek in another only to expand, to share, to reflect. Be curious, be surprised, be willing to surrender completely to the unknown. Then you will know you are free.

The four renunciations of Buddhism

Give up devaluing yourself and your life.
Give up clinging to permanence.
Give up denying the consequences of your actions.
Give up your judgement of suffering in the world.

Be what you be
Let your drum stand alone
When your heart finds the beat
Let your feet tap along

See what you see
Let your path become clear
Let the music of your soul
Be the only sound you hear

Free what you free
Let your breath be your wings
With the soaring of your heart
Your love will surely sing

Feel what you feel
Build your world on the land
Part the waters of the ocean
With the raising of your hand

I know you. I have always known you.
You are an echo of my voice, and I am within you.

In the moment we connect, stars are born and die.
Galaxies sprawl their arms in a dance through the infinite
vastness of space. In silence, in noise, in thunder,
these worlds connect.

If you treat each moment as a divine experience…
Then it will be.

We serve life, happinesss, beauty, and the expansion of consciousness.

Our allies are many. There is no opposition, only confusion.

Where the light shines, darkness cannot remain.

You have no responsibility to be anyone but yourself.

Breath of divinity
Harmonize with reason
Send light into the heart of darkness
Shatter the chains of ignorance
We receive your light!

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Brandon Mason
Brandon looks at the world with wonder, curiosity, compassion, and creativity. He is interested in the different perspectives that we as human beings hold, and finding ways to co-exist and co-create our future.
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