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The Indians have a story, from the Vedas, that the Earth is in a 26,000 year cycle of the ebb and flow of consciousness. Maybe its in tune with the precession of the Earth, or with our binary orbit with the star Sirius. They call this the Yuga cycle, and there is a period of 4,000 years of darkness called Kali Yuga.

Darkness means separation from the knowing of God. And you can also consider it separation from the knowing of self. Because you come from somewhere. And knowing your position with respect to the universe, and with respect to the creative force that sustains your life and conscious awareness… This knowing affects your entire conception of the meaning of life and your purpose within it.

Imagine all of civilization drifting closer and further away from this knowing, and you have one possible way of looking at the chapters of history.

The question then would be, what part of the cycle are we in? And what part does free will play?

I am with you in the sense that much hangs in the balance, and free will does matter. If we want to see positive outcomes then we must align ourselves with them and devote all available energies to their accomplishment.

The machine is collapsing. It is the beast written about in Revelations. It is consuming everything in its path, because that is its nature and design. That is what it has been doing all along. And people have served it, thinking that they would benefit for some time.

It is collapsing because it is opposed to the nature of life. It has failed to understand and embody the wisdom of life. Life is the recipe for renewal, abundance, creativity. It has principles which can be studied, learned, and emulated. And to the extent that human civilization has been successful, it is due to our understanding and emulation of the wisdom of life.

There’s a correction that is possible for us now within the digital world, and that is to re-engineer a foundation based on autonomy, consent and connection. That would start with self sovereign identity, personal data ownership, and machine intelligence that serves the individual. We need a balance to the assymetry of power that currently exists.

If you ask yourself what % of CPU cycles are dedicated to service of the individual, what would you say it is? Let’s say a person is on Instagram or Facebook or YouTube. Black box algorithms running on both the servers and on the cell phone or computer that the individual has paid for. Doing just enough service to keep the individual addicted, but in truth the product is the person’s attention, and the buyer is… Whoever is willing to pay.

That includes actors domestic and foreign. Intelligence agencies, for profit companies, NGOs, foreign intelligence agencies, criminal actors, pharmaceutical companies, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon.

So a person is venturing out into the digital world, with very little protection, and they face a highly coordinated effort to usurp their autonomy and bring their energies and resources into service of various agendas.

The power of technology is not going to stop increasing. So if we want to live in a free society, we need to decentralize access to machine intelligence. We need to build a lense for the individual that starts to put some measure of power and autonomy back in their hands. To allow their view on this world to be filtered and curated in a way that serves their growth and highest potential. From that foundation we can start to build communities of people that respect each other’s autonomy, and work towards the freedom and unfolding potential of their fellow men and women.

The realization of the knowing of God is to see that God at work in your own life, and within the lives of those around you. To know that what we are building, collectively, is a temple. The marketplace, the barracks, the court are all fine institutions. But the bible warns not to build your house on sand. If you’ve lived for a while, you know the consequences of building a relationship on ephemeral desires, or false conceptions. Societies have the same consequences, only at larger scale.

The proper foundation of a relationship is not sex, or money, or status, or control. Its the manifestation of spiritual truth.

When we remember that, then we are on the upward path. Even if we see things collapsing around us, we are witnessing the collapse of falsehood and pretense. We are witnessing the root of the living tree breaking through the concrete. And that living tree is what we are. We are the tiny cells that work day by day to grow its bark, and expand its branches and its roots to the Heavens and the Earth.

I don’t think that we need to fight the old system. It will die, because it is destined to die, as a consequence of it’s own choices.

We simply need to understand, cherish, and protect life. And the rest will happen on its own.

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Brandon Mason
Brandon looks at the world with wonder, curiosity, compassion, and creativity. He is interested in the different perspectives that we as human beings hold, and finding ways to co-exist and co-create our future.
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