Cleaning Up The Information Ecology

Tristan Harris is a founder of Humane Tech, and initiated the recent documentary The Social Dilemma which interviews many founders and decision makers from top companies.  The documentary details the mass manipulation and addiction that has resulted from current business models and technologies.

Tristan Harris and Andrew Yang talk about The Social Dilemma
Tristan Harris talks on Rebel Wisdom

Daniel Schmachtenburger has spoken on Rebel Wisdom about sensemaking and cleaning up our “information ecology” , Covid, and a 10 minute situational analysis of our global civilization.

Daniel is forming a non-profit that will offer news with a breakdown of different view points.  For each viewpoint they will steel-man it, to find the strongest arguments from that perspective so that by reading you will gain a better understanding of all popular perspectives.  Daniel’s team is looking for qualified journalists and data scientists to assist in this effort.  He says “get in touch”.

Rebel Wisdom is offering memberships which include live zoom calls with some of the experts they have interviewed, as well as community forums.  This may be a good way to get in touch with Schmachtenburger and with the overall community that is forming around these ideas.

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